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Sasha Nudel is a Ukraine-born poet, speech-language pathologist, certified fitness trainer, and simply someone who is passionate about many things.

Immigrating to the United States at the age of 16 inspired her to write about that experience in Russian. However, she put writing on hold to pursue her professional careers. It wasn’t until she became a mother in 2015 that she felt awakened and inspired to put her thoughts, dreams, and fantasies in writing again, but now in English. Gone were the days when she would protect her feelings by acting like she didn’t have any. Sasha was feeling and emoting now. She started writing poems about love, relationships, sensuality, sexuality, and vulnerability with the hope of empowering women to feel confident and unapologetically true to themselves.

Sasha believes that sensuality makes you more empathetic and helps cultivate healthy relationships. Therefore, anyone and everyone who has ever been in love and in lust will be able to relate to Sasha’s poems and musings. Every sensually expressed woman who has been stigmatized for feeling comfortable with her rawness will feel supported, inspired, and motivated by her words.


Life After Death

There is still life after death for you
if you’ve ever inspired a poet.
Engraved in their verses.
Celebrated between the lines.
Praised in their musings.
Immortalized in their rhymes.


Mired by drudgery
off and even on social media
we all wish for an IV drip
of vitamin inspiration.
When instead,
we should simply
start using our imagination.

Insatiable Thirst

The mere juxtaposition
of life and death
is so powerful,
it renders me incapable of anything
except trying to quench
the insatiable thirst that
being alive
has unearthed inside me.


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